zondag 12 mei 2013

Tea Lounge

Dupont Brothers          9:00 pm

Two brothers reunite after years of geographical separation by a fortified collaboration in music. Sam and Zack Dupont are best friends, siblings and now coconspirators in a shared passion that runs deep in their family. Lush finger-style guitar work is complimented by elegant prose and a vocal blend that could only be matched by blood relation. The sound is Vermont made folk-rock-americana.

John Pollack       10:00 pm

Great songwriting and performances have lit up the skyline of New York City singer songwriter David Pollack’s life and career. From an early age, he was turned on to the music of Paul Simon, James Taylor, and The Beatles. Places like the Meadowlands were his playground, where his father took him to see greats like Bruce Springsteen perform.

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