donderdag 16 mei 2013

Coney Island on a sunny day... back in time


Coney Island

Coney Island the beach of New York on a very warm but calm day. There's a very well know, old and big faire there as you can see. I'm thinking of going there on saturday again when there's more open and there're more people. It's well know as a site of amusement parks and seaside resort. The attractions reached their peak during the first half of the 20th century, declining in popularity after WO II and years of neglect. In recent years it's upcoming more and there's also the MCU parks where the minos Brooklyn Baseball league plays.
Yeah, there's a beach in New York City. I'm still wondering what they don't have...

I already know, an amazing Concertband Cecilia form Geraardsbergen, Belgium. It's really nice place to make some vintage photo's. Everything is so old in the fair it seems like I've got back in time...

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