zondag 12 mei 2013

NYU Music Education Jazz Ensemble (MEJE) - Frederick Loewe Theater

A Celebration of Big Band Music : MEJE, director Micheal L. Breaux


1) You don't know what love is
Originally written by Don Raye an Gene De Paul, arrangement Mr. Eric Richards

2) Wave
Bossa nova composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. Pat LaBarbera created this bass trombone feature for Buddy Rich's 1972 album 'Stick it' featuring Bill Reichenbach. They showcase bass trombonist Jason Slaughter on this Bossa Nova.

3) Eleanor Rigby
Brazilian groove from also Eric Richards. They feature it by Joonas Lemetenyinen (trombone), Will Piner (tenor sax), Adam Adhiyatma (guitar).

4) I remember Clifford 
Arr. Sammy Nestico written in honour of trumpet virtuoso Clifford Brown, here played by Jon Lijoi.
- I really loved this one -

5) Chicago
Written by Fred Fisher and published in 1922. They played the up-tempo arrangement from Don Rader.

6) Time Check
Composition of Don Menza 

7) Bei Mir Du Schon
Yiddish song composed by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda. Martha Tilton recorded this song with Benny Goodmen in 1937 and it became a permanent part of the Goodman Band Book. The vocalist here is Anouska O. Swaray. 
-This one I also enjoyed listening to. The vocalist was nervous but a real good singer.-

8) Lassus Trombone
Written by Henry Filmore in 1915 as one of the 15 popular trombone features that eventually garnered him the title of "The father of the trombone SMEAR". They played an arrangement of Dave Wolpe.
- It' was really nice to experience the smear on a trombone and it's also a bit funny I guess. It made me think of the dixieland music I know.-

9) Long Yellow Road
Is the title track from Toshiko Akiyoshi album. This album was nominated for the 1976 Grammy award in the category of Jazz Performance by Big Band. Solo's from Matthew Schwartz (Alt sax) and Jon Lijoi (Lead trumpet).

10) Alone
Trombone feature that won't sit still. Arranged by Bob Curnow (trombonist) for Stan Keaton's 1974 album Stan Kenton Plays Chicago, it's original from Lou Mariniwritten for the group Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Solo for trombone by Joonas Lemetyinen and we add bass tuba player Stanley Figaro to the trombone section.

11) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Written by Joe Zawinul in 1966 for the Cannoball Adderley album by the same name. It's a Jazz standard. This gospel- drenched funky arrangement was written by Myles Collins in 1968 for Buddy Rich Big Band album and fits closer to the concert.

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