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Verizon Hall (Home of the Philadephia Orchestra)         19 Mai, 2013     2:00 pm

Simon Rattle Conductor 
Barbara Hannigan Soprano


Webern Passacaglia, Op. 1

Berg Three Fragments from Wozzeck, Op. 7


Ligeti Mysteries of the Macabre
First Philadelphia Orchestra performances

Beethoven Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68 (“Pastoral”)
  1. Allegro, ma non troppo (Awakening of
    cheerful feelings upon arriving in the
  2. Andante molto moto (Scene by the brook)
  3. Allegro—Presto (Merry gathering of peasants)—
  4. Allegro (Tempest, storm)—
  5. Allegretto (Shepherds’ hymn—Happy and
    thankful feelings after the storm) 

Featured in Disney's Fantasia, the "Pastoral" Symphony paints vivid scenes of gathering thunderstorms, wandering brooks, and breezy country sides. Both Webern's Passacaglia and Berg's Wozzeck received their U.S. premieres in Philadelphia as part of Stokowski's vision for 20th-century music. Barbara Hannigan will perform scenes from Ligeti's thrilling opera, Le Grande Macabre, in character as the Chief of the Secret Political Police.

This you have to see if you can, it's legendary! I was really blow away. This is modern classical music to me, a real  and it's so well performed by the Orchestra.
This video shows what I mean!

The concert was as magnificent as the building itself! What was strange to me was that the confirmation of the orchestra changes with every piece and that the Orchestra does come on stage in group, they all came in separately. Only the first violin, the conductor and the soloist came up later. I can believe that it's one of the best orchestras from the world, they really moved me. The first part was good but the second part was mind blowing. The Mystery of the Macabre I found very originally and the Symphony no.6 was even more amazing. I always find it so fascinating that music that's so old still can give me musical inspirations or can give me a feeling where I still can relate in. It speaks to my imagination.
It's like the former Philadelphia Orchestra Music Director Wolfgang Sawallisch said: " I think it's within human nature to desire HARMONY, BEAUTY and COMMUNICATION in the world, to try to understand one another. MUSIC is a VERY BIG PART OF THAT !" (Tribute to him, he died on the 22th of February 2013, Grassau Germany)

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