zaterdag 18 mei 2013

Jazz at the Lincoln Center: Chick Corea and JALC Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

A meeting with Lee Konitz (amazing saxophone player where Miles Davis played with ;-) like Chick Corea said)

First I wanted to give a special thanks to the man who really made this a special concert, not only the combination of Chick and Wynton, the person who I didn't knew by face and who is a great musician LEE KONITZ (well know jazz saxophone player). He sat next to me and we had a good talk before the concert. I started talking to him when he asked me something about my ticket and he said he was a friend of Chick, I was really surprised to know who he was. He said to me he was a saxophone player and my mind kept thinking to know he was. So when he told his name to the backdoor manager I was completely surprised and very impressed to have had a talk with him before like I should do like with a friend about music. He was so nice to help me get to Chick and Wynton after the concert.  So sorry Lee for not recognising you but I'm really thankful of what you did for me. You're also a great example as a musician and as a person, I'll never forget what you've done for me. Maybe I'll see you back in Chicago! Good luck with your music and thanks!

The Concert                                          8:00 PM
Chick Corea, piano
Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

The Program (all music of Chick Corea off course arranged by people from the orchestra)
May 16, 2013
Set I:
Windows                Arr. Ted nash (who also gave a introduction before the concert at 7:00, very honest)
The Matrix             Arr. Vincent Gardener
Crystal Silence       Arr. Marcus Printup
Children's Song      Arr. Wynton Marsalis
From Forever         Arr. Chick Corea (Second time he wrote somthing for Big Band) ( Suite for Big Band dedicated to Herb Pomeroy)

Set II:
You're Everthing    Arr. Victor Goines
Humpty Dumpty    Arr. Wynton Marsalis
Tones for Joans' Bones    Arr. Ted Nash
Wigwam                Arr. Ali Jackson
Straight Up and Down     Arr. Sherman Irby

It was the best concert I saw, maybe the sound from the singing wasn't that good but the band sounded perfect! The bled and solo pieces where really good. The best I've seen so far. You could really see the magic between the musicians. Like Ted Nash said before the concert, 'JAZZ is a living and breathing thing'! You never know what life is going to bring and that's how a jazz concert is, it's life. I've felt it too that evening and I won't ever forget that.
The talk I had with Lee was also very nice. He asked me what I loved in music so much. So he said if you know that then you will also know which way you what to go with it. That was some really good advice for me. I'm going to keep that in mind for the rest of my journey and hopefully I'll find the answer in music or at least a start. I enjoyed the concert very much and was blessed to meet Chick and Wynton after the concert.

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