dinsdag 7 mei 2013

The Lincoln Center.. More than 23 buildings!

I did a tour to the biggest theaters from the Lincoln Center. 

1) The Royal Ballet Theater

This is the Ballet Theater at the Lincoln Center where the Royal Ballet Performs seats for 2500 people. The Orchestra from the Royal Ballet sits in front of the stage. There's no use of any microphones. I coudn't take any pictures from the stage aria because there was a practice going on. We listend to it for 20 minutes. (1 piano, 2 klarinets, 4 fluts, 2 fagots, 4 Cors, 20 violins, 4 contrabass, 4 cello, 1 percussionist, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones and a bass trombone)

2) The Opera house:

I couldn't take any picture but the room can seat 4000 people and it's red and gold! There was an performance practice going on and we where not allowed in. The movie Moonstruck (1987) was filmed here and this is how the building looks like outside.

3) The New York Philharmonic Theater:

The room is very acoustic when you take is seems like your voice comes from every where and you don't have to do any effort. It's from Wagners' time tha the Symphony Orchestra became a Philharmonic Orchestra. You can rent the room even for records.  The pannels at the sealing of the stage can be lowered to make the sound even better. Every think in here is designed for the music. The materials, the form, the panels, the seats,... even the elevators towards the room and the entrances.

What I really need to say about these buildings is that they were and still are funded by the people from New York and not the government. They are really proud and the should that all this is accomplished with people who just gave there money to build it. The amount of serval people go from 100 $ to up and a 1000000 $. It's amazing to know that 3000 people work there every day to get everything clean and the way it was but also everything you see in the theaters is made the in the shops under the theatres, it's amazing ! Nothing is made elsewhere..
I think these people did spent their money very wise and the result is breathtaking. These are just 3 of the 23 Theaters on the Lincoln Center. This used to be a dangerous place is now a real highlight in NY City.

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