woensdag 1 mei 2013

First some peace and nature before I start with the music.

When I got up this morning I felt like making a walk through the park, so I did. I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) and I went see the Brooklyn bridge.

The BBG was open and really nice. I never thought that I could like a garden this much. There where a lot of Japanese influences and plants. It made me think of the pictures of Karl Blossfeldt and at the Japanese pictures where Frank Lloyd Wright (the architect of the Guggenheim Museum of NY and lots of more buildings you'll see on my trip) was inspired by. There were lot's of different aspects in the garden; stone, herbs, perfume, rose and children's garden and lots more. It made my also think of the program I used to watch when I'm home called 'Groenland' (http://www.een.be/programmas/groenland) where I also can feel that there's more to gardening then the flowers, plants and trees.


The walk to the Brooklyn Bridge was longer then I expected but it was worth the effort. I saw also some nice thing on my way to it. The Barclays Center, The Manhatten Brigde, and lots more. The sun made it even nicer so I can sit and rest at the seaside of the city to enjoy the view.
I walked all across the bridge and all the way downtown to the 'Soho' part of the city with lots and lots of stores, big firms, and people. I finally took the subway back.





Tomorrow I'm going to take the sub to Manhatten and Central Park. To see some museums and have an other walk in THE park of the city. I'll tell you about all that tomorrow. Have a good day!
I didn't ask anyone to be a model on the pictures.. there well chosen by me!

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