vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Cornelia Street Cafe

Benjamin Scheuer  8:00 PM 

A very nice singersongwriter with his own story that's the least I could say about this musician. He's very loyal towards his audience and brings a true story. I really like it when at a concert you get to know the musician a little bit better. Maybe because I always want to know everything that might be it but also gives it a value on things they talk about even if you didn't know them at first. It was the first time I saw and heard him sing. It was very refreshing to me. Sometimes I think he has a great story but didn't find his way to put it into a good lyric. Not that his songs or lyrics weren't good it just didn't feel completely finish but maybe that's just me. 
I really enjoyed the concert no the less. 
Thank you Ben for the great performance.

 Sam Willmott 10:00 PM

Sam Willmott a man who works most of his time for musicals brought a really nice and happy and of the evening. He played the piano and sang a lot of different voices and once, very nice but hard to do I guess. His stories and music were very joyfull and childish, but not in a bad way. It was a lot different than his friend Benjamin.
I was really surprised that musical music could work beside the scene. It's like reading a book, you have more freedom for your imagination and that's nice. The faces he made when he told the stories were very characteristic so you could follow the story better (like when he did 7 voice it was very nice to see).
He also kept it light by taking some funny stories about a Viking who's not really one... or is he?
He also told a story about Roald Dahl that talk about his life. It was very nice and he told it like a bedtime story. What better way to end a day than with a bedtime story.
So like they say... it was nice Sam and you'll probably live happily ever after..

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