vrijdag 10 mei 2013

34-56 107th Street Corona, Queens, NY

The Louis Armstrong House, NY

Louis Armstrong was an international celebrity who could have lived anywhere.

Yet in 1943, he and his wife, Lucille, settled in a modest house in Corona, Queens,NY where they lived for the remainder of their lives. No one has lived in the house since the Armstrongs, and the house and its furnishings remain very much as they were during Louis and Lucille’s lifetime. Today, the Louis Armstrong House Museum is open to the public, offering guided tours of Louis’s longtime home. On the tour, audio clips from Louis’s homemade recordings are played, and visitors hear Louis practicing his trumpet, enjoying a meal, or talking with his friends. Visitors also get to enjoy an exhibit on Louis’s life and legacy, and the Armstrongs’ beautiful Japanese-inspired garden.
It's really amazing. Everything is just the way they left it and little by little everything comes back to the house. Louis loved living their, he wanted to lived between regular people and have the kids over so he could play for them. He sat on the stairs in front of his house and just loved to play the trumpet with them. He saw 3 generations grow up there. In that time there were also a lot of other musicians living in Queens. It was easy to get in and out of the city from there on. I was really surprised to see how modest he lived, a true example of a true musician, he had music in every room, the house was totally made on there one size..The house now is a museum and it shows how he was, he wanted to be between the people and have a good bathroom so he can be sharp always. He said: "when you look sharp, you play sharp!" He was very generous, he gave away money, trumpets, and lots more. He just wanted a house where he wants to see them (the kids) grow and have a good diner and bath when he comes home. He made an index of all the recordings he did, who played, what they played, everything! That also shows how organised they were, Louis and Lucille. I really enjoyed the house and Louis or 'Pops'  you really are a true example as a musician and as a human being.. 
And now Swing that music !

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