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New Orleans: Snug Harbor

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The Prince of New Orleans...Davell Crawford

 The New Orleans piano tradition to many around the world has been praised as Sainthood. New Orleans has also birthed more great piano players than any other city in the world. This honoured privilege is held highly by the many locals and music connoisseurs that live and visit this great city.

Davell Crawford, an all-around musical sensation, is one of the true wonders of the contemporary Crescent City music scene. Bill Taylor from Blues Access proclaims, "Plain and simple, Davell Crawford is one of the most talented musicians alive!"

Also known as the "Prince of New Orleans," Davell is one of the city's most exiting live performers. Despite his age, he has for years been a major force in American Roots Music. He has traveled, recorded, and taught the importance of music not only from New Orleans, but true Roots music from Traditional Jazz, to Gospel, Funk and R&B. Cited as one of the few musicians committed to keeping the piano sounds of New Orleans alive, he stands as the only and most docu­mented young piano player that has kept the music true while adding a little freshness and vitality.
"It is impossible to hear more than the first two minutes of Crawford without smiling and breaking into some serious foot tapping, there's just no other way to describe it, unless, of course, you’re dead".

-Chuck Graham, Tucson Citizen

Performing since the age of seven, Davell has already enjoyed a wild widely acclaimed career as an entertainer. He emerged as a teenage piano terror and began to unfold his incredible talent before the world. Hailed as "The Prince of New Orleans"' he has toured many countries including Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Finland, Dominica, Brazil, Morocco, and Portugal among others. He has played extensively thorough out the states as well.

As a true roots musician, he shoots out from his deep gospel roots to incorporate the entire piano tradition from R & B to Blues, Soul and Funk.

"Davell is the embodiment of every New Orleans music legend that has ever lived, from Jelly Roll Morton to Dr. John, from Mahalia and Satchmo, to James Booker and Professor Longhair, all rolled up into one musical ball of fire."

Davell Crawford's music is for real from the first note to the last. He has hailed as the gatekeeper of the New Orleans piano legacy, following Professor Longhair and James Booker. At the very least, he fulfills the bill only because he's an original stylist rather than a copier.

"Davell Crawford is what New Orleans sounds like ... and it just doesn't get any better than that!!!"Born With the Funk

Let me say it right out Davell Crawford is one of the most incredibly talented musicians New Orleans have ever produced. He's conducted choirs in Catholic, Baptist and Spiritualist churches and led gospel ensembles of his own. "Born with the Funk" is the record many of his fans have been waiting for, and dear friends, I'm happy to announce the wait is over. This is Davell Crawford's at his very best and it just doesn't get any better than that! Davell is just beginning to reveal the depth and extent of his songwriting skills, introducing here such gems of New Orleans rhythm & blues as " The Mardi Gras Song", "Going Back Home To New Orleans", "Please Forgive Me", Sad Song", and " Born With The Funk".
-John Sinclair, Blues Access

The Piano In The Vaults, Vols. 1, 2 & 3

These three recordings are solo piano performance. Davell is at his best with the 88 keys and a microphone.  Playing varying piano styles ranging from New Orleans Ragtime & Stride to Blues, Gospel and New Orleans R&B. These recordings serve as historical masterpieces recorded years ago to the present. “Piano In The Vaults, Vol.1” was recorded in Davell’s own studio, located in the heart of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans.  These recordings truly illustrate the flare and charisma of New Orleans. Vol.2 is equally brilliant with Davell paying tribute to his grandfather, Sugarboy Crawford, on gems such as Round & Round and You Gave Me Love, two of the elder Crawford’s works. Two originals, the opening cut, A Song For James and Booker Days are tributes to the late great New Orleans piano player James Booker. On Volume 3, Davell invites special guest Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown to join him on trumpet. From “Whoopin’ Blues” and “Bogolussa Strut” to “Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans” and “Joe Avery Second Line”, Leon and Davell give the listener a true taste of the sounds of New Orleans and gently reminds each heart of how important of a place New Orleans is and why we should never ever forget it. Of course, it is the birth place of jazz…and the fact of the matter is, these recordings will remind you of that. 

I really loved the concert. It's an amazing singer and piano player. The funk he puts in some of the songs I knew like 'the river of dreams' he rewrote from Billy Joel and some other where amazing. The song 'ode Louisiana' blew me away. I've listened to his cd and it is truly a gift from him. So thanks for the great music and you can feel his love for the music in the music which I found very amazing! Good luck Davell but I'm sure you're going to a big one one day!It was again an amazing night at Snug Harbor in NO. 

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