dinsdag 11 juni 2013

New Orleans_ Snug Harbor

Ellis Marsalis Quartet            10 pm

Ellis started out as a tenor saxophonist, switching to piano while in high school. From his first professional performance with over fifty years ago, Ellis has been a major influence in jazz. At that time, Marsalis was one of the few New Orleans musicians who did not specialize in Dixieland or rhythm and blues. He played with fellow modernists including Cannonball Adderley, Nat Adderley, and Ed Blackwell, becoming one of the most respected pianists in jazz. He has recorded over twenty of his own albums, and was featured on many discs.

It was a very nice concert with music from Ellis himself, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Wolf and some more. He's very creative in the way of playing and changing the melody. Sometimes it seems like the rest of the band is listening to where he's going and when the song realy starts. His introductions or intermettzo's are very amazing. He has an one style and realy listens to the notes and is always looking for something new. That's how it came to me. Very interesting man, music and quartet. Great musicians with a great taste and knowledge in music. I'm sure I didn't hear it all but it was very instructive and new to hear such a concert!
Now I know where the Marsalis' brothers get there talent from. The old man is a master in playing the piano and playing jazz music. Lets hope he keeps playing for a long time because you should see/ hear him if you can and if you're a true jazz lover!
Thanks Ellis it was one of the best things I heard so far! Love NO!

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