maandag 27 mei 2013

Greensboro a very friendly city

GLOS _ Greensboro Light Opera and Song at Mack and Mack

This was very nice, as so where the students and doctors from the University. It was The American Art song as Cabaret. I've met some very nice people here. The concert was in a clothes designer shop, Mack and Mack in Elm St. Special thanks to Jim Douglas who composed most of the songs.
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A Cup of Blues in the Harley Davidson Centre in Greensboro

Nice two/three mens band. My first blues concert in the USA, which is nice! The bar was also very typical for the band so the people loved and enjoyed the music.

Beach music in the park

Beach music is a typical music for Carolina (North and South). It developed from 1950 until 1960. Beach music is most closely associated with the style of Swing dance know as the shaq, or the Carolina Shaq, which is also the official state dance for North and South Carolina. I was really surprised to see everyone dancing during the concert. It was a very nice family concert. What I really love about the concert was that all proceeds go to the Children's home society and it runs the whole summer already for ten years.
Greensboro has a great history of education and civil rights and you can feel it in the city. Everyone is very social and there are a lot off students here.

Greensboro was very good to me, and maybe I'll go back someday to visit the University and the Jazz music festival in June, it sounds very nice and the weather is great what do you want more in life. Good music and nice people who do a great job in education! Thanks Greensboro.

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