vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Charleston, SC

Spoleto Festival USA _ concert 1

Angélique Kidjo - TD Arena 
She is a Grammy award winning Beninoise singer-songwriter and activist. She told that everyone will be dancing at the end of the show, that's how they do it in her country! Not only is she a great singer, she's a VOICE in many ways. The songs she sings are traditional songs from her country and songs to honour other musicians, which is very nice. She's a true activist, what she stands for and believes is very nice. She's believes in the good of the people and like she said: 'How do we stop the war, give EVERY CHILD an eduction!' I was really touched about the things she said. The concert was amazing she dances on stage as you can see in the pictures and her voice is very good! Her idea of 'Life is too short to be insecure!' was something I'm going to work on for myself and also the idea of waking up with a smile and don't try to jude people by the way look, I know it's hard in this society. But I know life is even harder for some children in her country and that's where we have to work on, the next generation! If we all work together for a better education I know the world would be amazing!
The concert was great, thanks Angélique, keep it up!

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